Urbaser Ltd is pleased to announce that the Gosport Borough Council Community Board has awarded a five-year contract extension to the current Waste and Recycling Collection and Street Cleansing Contract which will now run until March 2026.

In April 2011 Urbaser Ltd commenced a 10 year contract to undertake the waste and recycling collection and streets cleansing services for Gosport Borough Council. In addition to these services, Urbaser Ltd undertakes beach cleansing and management and cleansing of the public conveniences. 

Councillor Graham Burgess, chairman of Gosport Community Board, said: “The main reason we have renewed the contract with Urbaser Ltd was to get new vehicles for environmental services which have a lot more safety features on board so that drivers can see what is going on around them.

The overall feeling is that everyone is delighted with the work from Urbaser Ltd since they were awarded the contract in 2011. The thing we were worried about when the contract first started was refuse collection but it has been absolutely superb.

They are great at working over bank holidays over Christmas and provide an extra bag service that is not usually on offer. We have an open book agreement with Urbaser Ltd with the money that we save going back into the area and be used for better things.”

Urbaser Ltd’s Operations Manager, Jose Ramon Sanchez said: “Urbaser Ltd is thrilled that the contract extension was awarded only half way through the original contract term, showing the strength of the working partnership that has been developed with Gosport Borough Council in a joint aim to provide residents with best possible levels of service.”