Garden Recycling Scheme

Urbaser Ltd is pleased to introduce its new Garden Recycling Scheme, with the residents of Gosport Borough Council being the first to benefit from it. Residents will begin receiving a modernised and efficient chargeable garden waste service from 5th February 2018, running for 40 weeks per year. All residents who subscribe to the new scheme will receive a new customised 240 litre garden waste bin in which to store and present their green waste for collection.

The previous service relied on residents buying plastic garden waste sacks on an ad-hoc basis, and presenting them for collection whenever they were filled. This meant our collection crews had to drive along each street in the borough looking for garden waste sacks to collect. The new subscription-based Garden Recycling Scheme will allow us to identify which households will be likely to present garden waste for collection on their given collection days, and will allow us to plan our collection rounds using state of the art route-optimisation software. This will help us save fuel and time, and provide a more environmentally friendly service to the residents of Gosport through a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Stevyn Ricketts, Head of Streetscene for Gosport Borough Council, said of the new service: “The new garden recycling scheme will give residents more convenience in getting rid of their garden waste. Instead of having to go to buy special bags they will always have a wheelie bin ready to use.”

The new scheme is Gosport will cost £60.00 per year, however a £5.00 early bird discount is available to all residents who sign up before January 19th 2018. For more information on the new subscription scheme, or to sign up, please visit our Garden Recycling Scheme website: www.gardenrecyclingscheme.co.uk.

Javier Peiro, Managing Director of Urbaser Ltd commented: “Urbaser is excited to be able to offer this new service to the residents of Gosport. We believe it offers good value for money, paired with an easier and more customer friendly way of collecting garden waste. This is an excellent example of our continued partnership working with Gosport Borough Council following the recent extension of our Streetscene Contract until 2026”.