Urbaser employees have just hit the half way point of our most recent programme of employee training and development. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a great leader if not one already. As such, in partnership with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and their nationally accredited provider The Training Team, Urbaser has been providing groups of employees with industry recognised Level 3 and Level 5 ILM training qualifications to further develop their leadership and management styles.

The Level 3 course, attended by Supervisors, Team Leaders, Project Managers and Production Managers, aims to relay the importance of effective workplace communication and the barriers to it; techniques to recognise, investigate and analyse workplace problems; provide advanced management skills, including delegation and organisation; and, ways to effectively manage relationships and relationship building. The Level 5 course, attended by Contract Managers, Service Delivery Managers, Lead Project Managers and Legal Managers, aims to develop expert leadership skills, including conflict resolution and advanced customer management; enhance strategic thinking patterns and strong resource and facility management skills; and, increase the ability to lead, motivate and inspire teams to achieve organisational goals and objectives.

70,000 people in the UK enhance their leadership skills through ILM qualifications each year as it offers a clear route to personal development and career progression. Previous Urbaser employees who attended these courses found them to be extremely useful. Shasna Kaye, an Urbaser Finance Manager based in Essex said: “the course was of benefit for both individual development and for the company as a whole. It provided structured learning to deal with people management and provided theoretical knowledge. Employees should see this as an investment in people by Urbaser since the course would be expensive for an individual to gain the qualification privately”.

Due to the clear benefits of providing such detailed leadership training, and similar strong feedback received by other employees, Urbaser Ltd intends to continue offering these courses to ensure we continually develop staff to their full potential. Simon Pedersen, Head of Human Resources at Urbaser Ltd said: “Developing our Management and Leadership skills has been highlighted as a priority by the business. We are very pleased with the level of interest and passion our current and future leaders have demonstrated to the programmes so far, and look forward to their continued success through the ILM standards. Urbaser has a people strategy objective of providing learning opportunities to our staff members, and we are committed to ensuring continued effective employee development”.