Garden Recycling Scheme

The separate collection and correct disposal of municipal garden waste is one easiest ways to divert recyclable materials from landfill and help our local authority clients achieve recycling targets. One of our core policies is to provide the best service possible to our clients, and as such we now offer a bespoke Garden Recycling Scheme which is available to eligible residents of local authorities which are signatory to our new service.

At Urbaser we strive to continuously modernise and refine the service we provide to local authorities through the provision of state-of-the-art route optimisation software and management software. This has allowed us to deliver an environmentally friendly service which helps to reduce emissions and environmental impacts, whilst still providing an efficient and cost effective service to residents.

Subscribers to our schemes receive the following benefits:

  • A new 240 litre wheeled bin
  • Fortnightly collections
  • A dedicated website and online user portal for sign-up and ongoing support
  • A range of subscription and payment options including our early-bird offer
  • A local contact centre to deal with enquiries

Please visit for further information about or to sign up to the Garden Recycling Scheme.