Urbaser’s mechanical and biological treatment facilities (MBT) are designed to process residual black bag waste; recovering items which can be recycled and treating the left over waste to produce an end product with a high calorific value, ideal for energy generation.

A typical Urbaser MBT facility features the following stages that utilise a combination of sorting and treatment technologies:

A Mechanical Processing stage where recyclable materials such as metals, plastics, paper and cardboard are sorted and separated. A Biological Processing stage where the remaining waste is composted inside the building. Water evaporates and biodegradable materials break down. A Refining stage to extract materials that can be recycled into aggregate replacement such as rubble, glass and ceramics.

Any material left after this can either be safely landfilled or preferably used to generate energy in a separate facility because of its high calorific value.

Our Tovi Eco Park MBT facility in Basildon, Essex has the capacity to receive and process up to 417,000 tonnes of residual black bag waste per year. It has been built through the provision of a residual waste treatment PFI contract with Essex County Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council. Further information about the facility can be found on the dedicated Tovi Eco Park facility website