Urbaser Ltd’s composting facilities are designed to process organic materials collected from the kerbside and household waste recycling centres. Composting is an important aspect of the waste management process as it increases recycling and diverts biodegradable waste from landfill.

Composting is natural biological process in which micro-organisms present in organic waste break it down into a stable organic material for use as a soil conditioner. Composting technologies vary from windrow composting to in-vessel systems depending on the input material to be composted for example, garden waste and/or food/kitchen waste, as well as other factors such as site size or location.

Our Hill and Moor composting site near Pershore, Worcestershire has the capacity to receive and compost over 25,000 tonnes of garden waste per year. The windrow process involves shredding, composting for 14 weeks and screening the garden waste before it is marketed as Greengrow™ soil conditioner. Further information about the site can be found on the dedicated Hill and Moor website.